1Hire Dedicated Joomla Experts

We provide flexible options for hiring expert Joomla Developers/Programmers to work for your projects dedicatedly that conveniently fits in to your development plans and requirements. You can choose the model that best suits your Budget and Timeline. We will only dedicate qualified and Experienced Programmers to work for our Clients. Joomla Development is a perfect fit for those who want to manage and update content with in their web sites with complete track and control with minimum or negligible technical skill or knowledge to manage.

2Assign Work and
Monitor Progress

Client can interact/communicate with the teams directly, assign work and get Updates on a regular basis. Rize will have all the resources and technologies ready for that purpose at its dedicated offshore development centers in India and North America and involve in the supervision and project management tasks on your behalf like monitoring work schedules, reporting, updating and participating in Client Meetings for the best possible output.

3Communicate seamlessly
and get the job done

Resources will be working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. We will have all the facilities and infrastructure necessary for the Client to Engage teams in live development environment for seamless communication, interaction and meetings.